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Daisies and Daffodils


Daisies and daffodils blossom in a seasonal fashion that is both moderate and consistent.

They rise in the spring and they fall in the fall, knowing full well that they have bloomed in beautiful entirety and that their time will come again.

Not upset to take a long winters nap, tucked away in a bed of nutrient rich soil that both replenishes and resurrects when the birds come to chirp.

Grasping the true meaning of a season, understanding that life is not just hot or cold.

It is a mixture of all things good and bad, of smiles and frowns, of light and dark, of difficulty and ease.

These daisies and daffodils have come just in time to inform me of my seasons.

To reassure me that although today may be dark and gloomy, tomorrow is sure to be bright and sunny.

To remind me that even though I have fallen, I too will rise again when my birds come to chirp.

© 2022 Nicholas Mercogliano

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