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Daddy's Love


You were the evil huntsman- the Big Bad Wolf.

I was the heroic, little girl walking in the woods.

The soft cushion of the couch-little feet stomped.

You feigned fear; I beamed with confidence.

The dungeon game- I swore I couldn’t breath.

My nose tickled; you pinned my arms and wouldn't let me scratch.

A thousand “Uncle!”screams- you bellowed with joy.

I sat on your lap; you played the guitar.

Johnny Cash- A Boy Named Sue.

John Prine- we sang off key.

“..don’t bury me down in the cold, cold ground.”

Lazy summer days-last week of June, first week of July.

Minor’s vacation- the rare break you had from work.

Long walks down railroad tracks-it always took forever to find the perfect spot.

We fished the icy Buckhannon; you taught me to skip rocks.

Incessantly in need of a new worm- line tangled in every tree.

You waded upstream; I saw you shake your head and smile

You spent hours driving to get me-coveted weekend time.

The miles between us never distanced the love in our hearts.

College days, late night phone calls, stern words of wisdom.

You worked so hard to get me through- another gift of your love.

On my wedding day you asked, “Are you still my little girl?”

I cried the whole way to the alter; I looked back one last time.

You winked- a tear glimmered in your eye.

Forever there- good times and bad.

We’ve celebrated triumphs; you provided the tools for my success.

You believed in me ; you assured me beyond my self-doubt.

I carried on- you gave me the strength.

I’m all grown up now.

My need for your unwavering love still remains.

You-the essence of my being.

You-the root of who I am.

So proud to call you Daddy- my hero, my very best friend.

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