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Da Vinci Turning a Pragmatist: A Poem


Leonardo da Vinci that man of a vision

after achieving little with Gioconda's smile

came up with a smart money making decision

suddenly re-qualifying his genius's creative style.

So he shifted from art to coming up with inventions

after seeing how art was but appreciated by few

and like many a good historian still mentions

he became a great master of "how- to".

He invented parachute, and a flying machine

and believe it or not --- also an armored car

some of his inventions still to be seen

but then considered quite bizarre.

Well, how can that be relevant to these days

if not by some artists changing their mind

after that initial feverish creative phase

leaving that ambition gladly behind.

In materialistic world creativity won't pay

"starving artists" becoming the phrase

a painting, a novel, or a good essay

won't get you more than a praise.

Many have admired Giaconda's mystic smile

but perhaps her creator chose to forsake her

as a smart Leonardo changed his mind-style

from painting smiling ladies to money maker.

© 2021 Val Karas

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