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Leah is personally an artist.She loves Poetry .She expresses her thoughts and feelings through forming artistic words metaphorically.


A hand so precious

A love so lovely

A word so powerful

A smell so pleasant

A life so worthy

A song so lyrical

But all come from a source

I am still alive but am barely breathing

My feelings are pointless

Every single moment

Every single dream n hope

Keeps on cutting through me like a sharp knife

Will it ever reach a day of freedom?

Will it ever reach a day of silence?

Will it ever reach a day of rest?

My head is killing me slow

My heart is pounding so hard

Sporadically wanting to take me away

Was it ever my fault that i had to go?

Don't situations come and go

What's so different about NOW and THEN

Give me your belief n I will give you mine

Give me your heart n i will give you mine

Give me your trust and i will give you mine

Give me your love and i will give you mine

I never left

I just went for a short while

Don't take it so bad

Our love is for the LOVERS

Our Love is for the LEARNERS

Our love is for the LISTENERS

It's for the LYRICISTS

For it will always live

I miss all the times we had together

I miss all our Mischievous acts together

I miss all our foolishness together

I miss our great adventures

Those old days,when i could fall back into your arms

And drown all my sorrows away

Those old days when we could dance the hell out of our minds

And sway like the wind to our favorite songs

Those days when we could look into each others eyes

And see the spark of our endearment

Telling each other that everything was going to be okay

You made my days and nights

Not everyday was going to be this way

But you made me cherish each moment we had

I miss our LOVE

I miss our HAPPINESS

I miss our PEACE

I miss our BOND

A Bond that will always be

This i know is according to fate

No lightning will ever struck it

No thunder will ever break it

No rock will ever crush it

A FAYWAY always will be formed

So lovely will we always be together

That the birds of the earth will even get jealous

But then question still remains

Will things turn Hay Way?

A bond so strong that was supposed to be

Its still a mystery to all

How things will come to be

What happened to us?

What happened to me?

Bebs where are you ?

Am i still with u?

Are we still on with everything?



© 2019 Leah Gregory

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