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Do Love Your Choices

Do What You Love , Love What You Do

I worked in the fields

Which I don't like anymore,

I became an officer

Which I don't like anymore.

My mom asked me to become a doctor

Which I don't like anymore,

My dad asked me to become an engineer

Which i don't like anymore.

Now you all can see

What my thinking has fetched me,

I was trying to listen people by and by

But now the question is 'who am I' ?

One lesson should you learn from this

That how critical choosing a career is,

Once you know which one to go with

Make sure that you don't switch but stick to it.

When you begin your journey

Then one thing you should know,

That life isn't a bed of roses

But thorns are there too !

Satisfaction is not something

That you should look for,

But it comes naturally

When once you get involved more and more..

Being patient is

What you need to do for this,

Grab every opportunities

And try to miss every worries.

Doing what you love

Or loving what you do,

Is the best line

To make every ending fine !!!

© 2018 astha singh

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