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Disturbed Paradise

buried feelings and insecurities that we can find ourselves sharing with anyone, is what the 'Disturbed Paradise talks about.


Come, let me give you a tour,
to the land unknown by many,
but; a code must be followed,
never utter about the unearthings;
the suspense is what makes it haunted.

This sparkling palace,
that glitters from the outside,
none to trespass in the inside,
nothing of interest they presume,
a bliss know as ignorance.

My paradise behold,
where a lot has been left untold,
much more awaiting to be unfold,
not that i want to, am no bold,
it is just a beginning, a threshold,
something in thy eyes perfectly mould.

But no one knows,
a story behind the glitters,
no one can tell the shedding of tears,
handful or cupful, coz no one cares,
satisfaction i get from my cries,
a secret buried in the abyss.

Black being is my favourite colour,
and hurt my only lover,
a unique taste like the dark flower,
Enslaved in my own tower,
a soul not so free for thy power.

A mere existence,
of a certain silhouette with persistence,
to live more without anyone's assistance,
Far from people, myself always distance,
with my nemesis a lot to discuss.

Many rooms to explore,
doors to my empty shell,
that once was bright,
now memories turned to webs,
My disturbed paradise,
still trying to make a home.

But where is home?
in this empty soul?
shattered dreams bigger hole?
or the hypocrisy running in whole?
pity that everyone can be a mole,
even the ones taking just a stroll.

I believe not in anyone,
neither trust in beings under the sun,
can't blame, my eyes got a lot to share,
how someone can turn from a friend to a foe,
just when you think you've found a home,
This, is my disturbed Paradise.


Adlynefaithagenga (author) from Gashie on September 29, 2021:

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