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For the first six months or more

       I watched for the simple movement of a door

       Or a familiar fragrance in the air

       So I simply knew that you were there.

I needed something that reminded me of you

       I prayed and prayed for my wish to come true

       Others mentioned signs that they would receive

       Yet all I could do was hope and grieve.

Then one day I was talking with Sadie

       A kind, gentle older lady

       I did not know her well at all

       Once or twice we had passed in the hall.

She told me her husband recently died

       How she was lost with sadness

       As she cried and cried

 For months and months Sadie prayed for a sign

      That it was not a final goodbye

      Her thoughts were similar to mine.

On this particular day I had spoke with her

       She had received a sign the night before

       It was personal, private

       Only she could comprehend

       Her heart was finally on the mend.

I told her how I missed my Mother so much

       Sadie calmed me with a light gentle touch

       I explained that I was waiting for a sign

       She assured me that it was only a matter of time.

Another two weeks or so had passed

       I ran into Sadie and of course she asked

       Did you get it, did you get it

       Did you get the sign

       I’ve been thinking about you all this time.

I did, I did Sadie, I got the sign

       It was in the form of a shiny silver dime

       When I found a second one the very same day

       I knew it was my Mother in her own way.

As far back as I can remember

       My Mother collected dimes

       We didn’t have much money

       But we had many good times.

Smaller than a penny

       Yet worth 10 times more

       Mother continued to collect them

       In her huge glass piggy jar.

I’ve been showered with dimes from heaven

       For many years now

       I don’t have all the answers

       But I’m confident some how

That my Mother is near me

       Every single time

       I feel her loving presence

       Dime after dime.

                                               SMS 2011


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