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Digital Complicity

David is a digital designer and programmer by trade. He loves to write down ideas, wisdom and philosophy through article and poem creation.

Writing content with much concern

making sure it fits for discern

commas missed

full stops on the piss

people looking slightly gurned.

Giving oneself authority


significance in this universe.

It doesn’t fit

take it out

the content seems slightly amiss.

Listen not

to these meddled few

who don’t understand the creation at hand.

Post it,

share it,

send me the link

It should be blue with flickers of pink.

It’s been liked by many

and comments so few

who cares

when I finish

it’s up to you.

It really means nothing

all this digital ponce.

Get off the net

open the blinds

get a life my friend

and build or devise.

© 2018 David Irvine