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The author is a Registered Nurse, Teacher II in English and has worked as an Operations Manager in a BPO company for 7 years.


Why demand for a miracle

One can just wait

You can request

Better yet, pray

Why force a miracle to happen

Our time and God's are different

Seven days God created the world

Scientists have proven it to be longer

Science and religion do clash

Seven days may equivalent to hundreds and millions of years

A day to us may be a hundred to Him

Why become impatient

You give God a date

You give him the exact way you will get what you want

You want it given to you in a snap of His fingers

Anger fills your heart

When the miracle did not happen when you want it

You are dissatisfied

If the miracle did not happen the way you expected it

You question the Lord with the never-ending whys

If the miracle did not happen at all

Sad, we human are forgetful

Our short memories attack like a disease

We forget who gave us life

We forget who saved us from our sins

We forget the One who never left

We conveniently forget

Is seeing a miracle the only way to believe in Him?

Even during Jesus’ time, people demanded for it

The reality of humans wanting miracles

To benefit from it

Heart's desire granted





Desire for common good, gone

Salvation for mankind kicked in the gutter


It is like the air you breathe

Or the sun that gives life to Earth

Your heart keeps on beating

Your lungs are still pumping oxygen

The intestines digesting food you eat

Blood runs in every vein and arteries

Neurons function well in your brain

Your eyes can see

You can hear sounds

You can smell and taste

These are more than the miracles that every human being demanded before and now

Maybe a sincere Thank You will be better

Remind us who follows who…