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Death Clock



By: Wayne Brown

The old clock on the mantle ticks in the silence of night

Storm clouds gather to rage and light the dark night bright

With lightning and thunder; torrents of cold stinging rain

A perfect night for Evil to shake and rattle its chains

What’s that at the front window, an eerie shadow there passes

The wind goes around the house and rattles the window glasses

Fear in my heart is climbing in my throat, there’s danger about

Even with all this stormy noise, the old clock still ticks on loud

Each tick of the clock brings danger near, I feel it in my skin

Evil lurks just out on my porch, soon it will try to come in

And the clock it just ticks marking the passage in increment

Time’s running short and soon I fear the horror of Evil’s intent

The hail on the tin roof is playing a tune, adding more confusion

With all that is going on how will I ever know of an intrusion

But the clock marks time and the hour surely will approach

Evil springs, my heart will stop and screams choke my throat

Evil will come this thunderous night and at my doorknob scratch

While I sit frozen in my chair, it will slowly lift up the latch

And as the clock ticks away marking time on the old mantel shelf

Evil will consume my being and suck all the life from my self

Oh God, please stop that clock from ticking, help me with my fear

Evil things are lurking outside and the time is drawing ever near

My heart will not stand to live with this fear though the stormy night

Please God, stop that clock, these ghastly fears I can no longer fight

The lightning is blazing; the thunder rumbles and the wind does race

I run to the mantel; grab the clock and rip the hands from its face

But still the ticking, the hideous ticking, it continues ever so loud

Though time has no mark it continues on unmasking Evil’s shroud

Fear has paralyzed my limbs, I cannot move; frozen in my chair

Now Evil lifts up the latch and slowly enters my dark lair

I see its hideous face and it makes my blood run oh so cold

I know it is here to stop the tick of time and carry away my soul.

© 2010 Wayne Brown

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