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D o w n f a l l


Excited yet also worried. Happy and yet at the same time sad. Confusing as you are. So am I. I'm feeling giddy with the thought that I am really here. minutes away from where you are. minutes away from finally meeting you. Yet all these excitement wears off as worry consumes me. Worried that my flaws would bring you discourage. Worried that the secrets I have would be hard for you to accept. And I understand that. You're wary if I'm telling the truth. Cautious that I might be just a scam. I won't force you to trust me. But at least see that I am trying my best. To win your heart. To win your trust. To win you. I am happy yet sad. Happy that I have met you. We've come a long way. 5 months it has been. And in those 5 months, We only talked online. Happy yet sad. Only able to talk but not touch. We now have come to this. As happy as I am. I am honestly preparing myself. For a downfall waiting to happen. Preparing myself of a possibility That maybe, you are just a chapter of my life. Not a book. A negative view but I am holding to where my views are really are; Enjoying the days, I get to love you.

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