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Love Poems That Will Make Your Boyfriend Cry

love poem for him

love poem for him

Cute Love Poems for Your Boyfriend

I hope your boyfriend will get a new meaning, refreshed and assuring after reading these love poems. I bet these sweet love poems for your boyfriend will surely make him cry.

I Follow My Heart!

Share a heart that never hates;

Give a smile that never fades;

Express a life that's never sad

Maintain a friendship that never ends;

Give a laugh to all but smile to one;

Cheeks to all but lips to one;

Let the guys love you,

But love only one;

Boys fall for what they see


Girls fall for what they hear

No one like you!

There are many stars but the moon is you,

There are many people but you are the most beautiful of them all;

To forget me is up to you but to forget you is something I’ll never do

I am here for you!

Whether happiness possibly take me to write a poem

In the shadow of the moon to keep the seeds of love

To flourish with you to tell whether or not you're longing to sing a song

With the rain, soaked body and the shining eyes that get dry

My love for my boyfriend!

I know writing a quote doesn't make me a poet,

Writing a literal poem saying

How much I miss getting kissed by you is not poetry,

It has a name, it's called love

You are perfect!

You are the perfect guy for me

And I am writing this poem

Because you don’t think you are perfect

And I completely disagree!

Our first date!

He told us he was amazing the first day of school.

Even though I’m a lot ordinary, he thinks I’m pretty cool.

He taught me words like “ratchet” and his sassy little hair flip.

He tells everyone “I work at McDonald's, request me and don’t forget to tip”.

He tries to be a mean guy, and sometimes nails that part,

As I get to know him, I see he has a heart.

He loves me and has a cat named Dodder.

I’d love to meet his cat, takes a real strong pet to suit him.

He’s got a lot of talent, but playing is his passion.

You can learn a lot from him when it comes to fashion.

He is open, honest and real. I know I can trust him

He sparkles like a diamond that will never lose its luster!


My love

Me, my love, my life, my spirit

I am not rejected

I am loved passionately

Received openly

Affirmed assuredly

Known completely

By my love

I will not be broken

Or shamed

Or abandoned

Or rejected

And will not allow anyone

To take your memories away from me

Not anymore!


I Miss You Poem for My Boyfriend

I miss the days when he was so sweet...

I miss the days when he cares about me...

I miss the days when he was there to say I love you every day...

I miss the person who made me feel but left me after all

You are everything that is love in my life

You define every word that is placed in my heart

You show me love in every way

You always know what to do to make me smile

That’s why I call my ‪‎Soul mate...

I Love You Now and Forever...