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Curiosity: A Poem

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

It was nearing autumn

A symbol of change

I would survive another circle around the sun

The leaves begin their transformation

The weather begins cooling down

Metamorphosis embodied

We were inside


My nails

Freshly painted by him

Dried patiently

As we listened to music

Of his choosing

While his roommate was doing their own thing

We all belonged to the same friend group

A cast of characters that either were or flirted with

The LGBTQ+ community

In unity they stood

While I stood with them in support

But not as a member

At least

That’s what I kept telling myself

Confusing and conflicting thoughts birthed

Since arriving to that college

I had only ever fancied women

And firmly believed that to be the case

For my entire lifetime

But emotions are stronger than thought

And my feelings were a traffic jam at that point

And I was ready to move forward

Eventually, his roommate exited

And we were left alone

Me, him, and the music

It was a lovely moment in time

And I was scared to ruin it with my

Mental complications

He sensed it

And inquired

I was stubborn at first

But eventually I gave in

I went on and on

Like air did not exist

Until finally


He silenced me

With a kiss

Effortlessly transporting me

To a world I’ve never seen before

A world where suffering is an imaginary concept

Only pure bliss

A world where the sensations

Are like nothing I had ever felt before

A world where nothing mattered

Except me and him

And the creaking doorknob

His roommate

I guess they do say

Curiosity killed the cat

A horrible tragedy

Still slightly stuck in the trance

We end our moment as his roommate walks in

Then, silence

A knowing silence

A warm silence

A happy silence

A silence that does not represent tragedy

Because sometimes

Curiosity leads the cat to exactly what it needed

And that right there

Is a beautiful thing

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