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Cures Without a Disease

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


You see that beauty over there?

Yes, there you fool, look there,

Take a gander take a stare!

Avert your eyes if you dare!

You cannot cure a disease,

If the disease is what you please.

Little could you cure a sneeze,

Or stop the wind by blowing breeze!

Take in all the world can give,

Let it flow through you.

Yes, let it flow, flow free unhindered,

For experience be a sieve!

Oh but no,

You stop the flow.

For the paradise,

You'll never know.

Alas that means more for me,

Open wide for all to see!

Throw upon me a shaded veil,

Torn to pieces for it is frail!

Turn a blind eye to your cure,

Human nature is too pure.

A dash of sugar and I'll stir,

Spritz of love and on I'm spurred.

Oh my beauty, oh my love,

It's like you were sent from above.

Floating to me like innocent dove,

In my arms fit like a glove!

Reject nothing and we shall immerse,

In passions arisen quite so terse.

No more lines, nor another verse,

Let unending love be our curse!

Worth It?

When I reach the end of my life, the darkness falling upon my eyes, I hope my mind wanders back feeling full and accomplished. So many cures offered to me for my human condition, but who I am is not a disease and who you are is not something in need of treatment. You're beautiful, your passion burns bright, and you are deserving of nothing less than love; so get out there and immerse in the sea of life, go fishing for the love you so crave, and never look back at the envious haters caught in your wake!