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Curbing Boredom With Nonsense

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.


Envious were all the eyes,

That fell upon the fleeting prize.

Cut the winner down to size,

Cheering was heard before the cries.

A crowd stood round a body dead,

It had been shot right in the head.

Shot by others who were full of dread,

I think I’ll hang back and stay in bed.

Gather ‘round and watch the show,

How it ends is where we must go.

Swim against infernal flow,

From the darkness you must glow.

What would it take to go between,

The fleshy gates so rarely seen?

Don’t be greedy nor get mean,

Love is all we want to glean.

Hatred is all you sought to offer,

Sitting upon your empty coffer.

So I sought those who would proffer,

Left you behind as the bitter scoffer.

Let now come the scorned fair child,

I’ll let them run free and so wild.

Offer nothing but love, fair and mild,

By our graces the world is beguiled.

Generosity is the key,

Now take flight and follow me.

There’s a world for us to see,

Break these chains and be free!

Not Much to Say

It's just one of those days, I suppose, and you know we all have them. Get some bad news, get a little down about it, pretend like nothing is wrong lest you have to hear the unwarranted advice of others. Boredom and bad news, sounds like a sitcom if you ask me. Little exhausted with trying to slow to the pace of those around me, takes a toll to restrain passion and ambition.

Just don't have much to say about it all, nothing nice at the least.