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Cupid's Arrow Trial by Numerous Misfires

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Feeling like Cloud Nine isn't a high enough cloud to be on

Need to create a new type of nature's cotton ball

Dancing lead for the "Prime Time Act" at Cupid's new restaurant

With either Gene or Fred as the co-captain of the affair

Moment feeling as effortless as eating my favorite Cotton Candy

From the best vendor on Coney Island

No fear of gaining any of the 20 pounds lost on Atkins

An illusion, of course, after the first batch of the pink confection

A vice just as potent as the one that chokes the heart strings

Believing that the romantic Angel food cake will conquer all

Struggling with the reality that Hallmark and Nora Roberts don't know all

Once the couple rides off into the sunset, life sets in and pretense vanishes

Into the endless ether where truth and compromise weigh more

Than just the usual emotional horse hair clogs in your private shower drain

A clichéd metaphor that surprisingly fits come to think of it

Reality usually tended to place intense tangles into any romantic setting

Disagreements and too many crushed toes mar the once perfect pair

Egos and over-the-top Bob Mackie costumes torpedo the act for good

Even Fred and Ginger had their off nights, but they couldn’t overcome this

A betrayal so staggering that Liz Smith and Page Six will devour for many months

Fallout so deadly that one of them will be living in Sing Sing or Attica

For the next 5 to 10 years; depending on what the jury dishes out at sentencing

A lesson many men will take to heart; and many feminists will cringe over

Shaking in their boots as to how a once dynamic partnership

Got so completely derailed off the train tracks

Leading to the epic train wreck that it became with a jury of their peers deciding

What came next in the aftermath of such a preventable tragedy

Leaving a black mark for anyone named Cupid holding their famous bow and arrow

Closing the doors of the restaurant and on the act for good.

Ready, aim, prepare for the misfire!

Ready, aim, prepare for the misfire!

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