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Cup of Tea (Poem)


Sitting at the balcony facing the morning sky,

sipping my cup of tea while smelling and feeling the mountain breeze.

Talking to you through the phone,

and laughing with our joyful tone.

Warm as a hot tea,

and sweet as a sugary iced tea.

Listening to the music we've liked,

while we're singing with our silly voice.

Look at the sky how clear and blue,

and staring at the landscape with an earthy hue.

The sun is so bright and hot,

while sipping a cold and iced cup of tea.

Wearing sunglasses both together,

and dancing on the rooftop like there's no other.

Jazz, pop, rock, ballad, and other music that plays on the radio,

we just dance like we're in this world alone and whatsoever.

Dancing in the sunlight,

Let's dance until we get tired together.

My hands on your shoulders,

while your hands on my hips.

Your warmth that I feel is melting me,

and your hazel brown eyes are attracting me.

You're lips is like made out of drugs,

I'm getting addicted and not getting tired of kissing you.

We laugh while dancing,

hitting each other with corny puns and jokes.

How funny you always get offended,

with your amusing rugged face.

It's been hours and we are not getting tired,

We sat on the couch and we are still laughing and sharing stories.

You're really addictive to look at,

and I never get tired of you staying by your side.

Warm and bitter,

cold and sweet.

Strong and aromatic,

cosy and magnificent.

Telling stories with one another,

while staring at your wonderful face.

Stay with me,

'cause you're my cup of tea.

© 2021 Luckyfortom Malidom Salbino

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