Cunning: "The Vixen Wears the Fox's Head"

As I enter the gleaned living-room

You stand to your feet in a premeditated power loom

My eyes look straight to yours for connection

To salute a Hallo through a teeth bared smile flexion

A pale iced white face pulls the shutters down

Artic blue eyes glaze steadily downtown

Yet the lips slowly rise to reveal a plastic smile

Why? What is going on?

This stranger I met once before

Still condescending and tilting the sword of hidden abhor

A street theatre actor assembles before my puzzled eyes

One moment of feelings and words of lies

The next the opposite hits the floor

Why? What is going on?

My skin begins to crawl like peeled rind of a lemon

Stomach switches onto the alarm bells within this woman

Conversation is slippery and sly in feel

Just like the falling of Maple Syrup to my heels

I feel ambushed yet all is still around me

Dust thrown into my eyes with glee

I want to push my back up close to the wall

Why? What is going on?

This red Machiavellian manages

The frail elderly and disabled to advantage

Yet how can I think that? Feel that?

A dramatic exclamation of false warmth tat

That churns my insides upside down to disadvantage

Why? What is going on?

Can I ignore this imposter before me?

Trickery and ambiguity are mastered keys

Ambidextrously shown in speech and tone

To mock fool and trip me shown

This employee of a Tormentor

Peacocks skills of service as a Complimenter

This Vixen wears the Fox’s head overblown

Why? What is going on?

You are like the Succubus who drains their target dry

Tossing them aside flippantly with no cry

Mocking and stealing fluently

May you wind up in the Fox soup cruelty

Sprinkled with Dill and Tansies dupe

Why? What is going on?

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 2 months ago from United States

This is a marvelous play on words and the fox pic is beautiful. As a wildlife artist, I really appreciate this good art work. Very emotional and I think you answered your own question of what is going on. Well done. whonu

threekeys profile image

threekeys 2 months ago from Australia Author

I too found this picture of the fox to be beautiful. Yet that also made me feel as if I was betraying the animal kingdom by choosing it to be connected to this person at this point in time.

I love that you are a wildlife artist. I hope you will very soon show us your artwork.

Animals have social intelligence and are kinesthetic to me

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