Rhymes on Friday

Updated on November 2, 2017

Who's the Boss

CRAIG JONES and his family.
Sit at the table eating.
Getting ready to start their day.
While Craig is happy its Friday.
Happy because it is his day off.
But this Friday came with a cost.
He was framed for stealing boxes.
His job called and terminated.
He tried hard to hide it.
But his father sniffed it.
Gave Craig a fair warning.
Told him to go out looking.
Looking for more employment.
Unknowing that Craig had already chosen.
Craig sat on the porch with SMOKEY.
They saw ezail robbing.
They saw pretty girl debbie.
Debbie coming to his home.
Whom Craig finds interesting.
Craig and Smokey have many adventures.
but Deebo steps in the picture.
He and Craig Square off.
But Craig reminds him who is really the boss.

Ice Cube
Craig Jones
Chris Tucker
Tiny Lester

Next Friday

New Hood

CRAIG beat deebo last Friday.
Saw him go to Jail the next day.
Saw his friend Smokey go to rehab.
There was no one to make him laugh.
So he decided to go to away.
Unknowing that Deebo stood in his way.
He and his father escaped.
Go to the suburbs for Friday.
The air tasted different. The homes were big.
The atmosphere was of peace. With little kids.
Once settled in. His cousin DAY-DAY.
Informed him that their riches have blown away.
Then showed Craig the JOKERS.
Three Mexican brothers.
He gave a tour before heading to work.
Craig saw their sister and started to flirt.
While Craig was home he received a notice.
Saying their house will soon be auctioned.
Craig gives day-day the notice and he freaks out.
Together, they try to figure it out.
Not knowing that Pinky has walked in the building.
He sees Craig and ends up firing.
Day-Day lost his job.
He and Craig make plans to rob.
Rob the Jokers across the street.
They break into the home and find money.
Craig restored peace in their hood.
By putting the Jokers back in jail for good.

Ice Cube
Craig Jones
Mike Epps
Lobo Sebastian
Joker 1
Rolando Molina
Joker 2
Jacob Vargas
Joker 3

Friday after Next

Christmas Presents

Craig saved Day-Day's home.
& helped make jail be the Jokers home.
Craig and Day-Day share an apartment.
But get robbed their Christmas presents.
They also lose the rent money.
They don't file a report until the next morning.
After, they run into MS.PEARLY.
She approaches them demanding.
Demanding the rent.
Threatening them if they fail to pay it.
Craig and Day-Day receive new jobs.
As top flight security guards.
Assigned to patrol a shopping center.
Their first day, they spot some robbers.
They eventually catch the robbers.
Showed appreciation by the store owner.
Craig invites them to his party.
A day going well has adversity waiting.
It came along later with some thugs.
Craig and Day-Day ran from the thugs.
They eventually were tucked away.
But the thugs sent a message their way.
They both decided to quit.
They still threw the party for their rent.
They then see who robbed them.
They chase him but don't catch him.
But a pink limousine did.
They got back all their Christmas presents.

Ice Cube
Craig Jones
Mike Epps
Day Day
Bebe Drake

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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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