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Crushed Flowers

Adnan shafi is a poet , writer , coloumnist , short story writer and reviewer

Crushed flowers


Crushed flowers

Sitting behind the desk
With my coat off but my
cap on.
A cigarette in my mouth
to peel off the day pain,
Ashes falling like snow,
a book in my worn hands ;
I am just fixing some
crushed flowers being
used as bookmarks,
However, to get rid of the
sour taste of that boring
book, they slip out of
the book on the same
night moaning about the
book they are in, is not
good enough for them
maybe the book that
owns not a standard
Would it be nice to put
them in such a tedious
book that even doesn't
suit them?
There is so much stuff
piling up on my desk
Too much pressure on
my nerves; then I spend
half my night waking up,
and down in my bed.
What is bothering me
is that slipping those
bookmarks out of the
book, and I know
they want to tell me
they are not interested.
don't want to serve with
that book, even they
don't feel good.
I shall put those bookmarks
in the sweetest books, not
in the monotonous ones
because they at times slip
out of them.
All I wish now to bookmark
those tedious books with
my fingers only to avoid
their slipping.
Finally, it will be fair
for both of us.
I love those crushed

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