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Crunch: A Love Poem to Potato Chips

Genevieve is a aspiring poet and writer who loves to read. Book recommendations are encouraged! All genres welcome


Spicy, tasty, crispy, salty,

your crunch knows how to sate my tummy.

Sour, sharp, sweet, yummy,

Just so many flavours, tasty!

Fried, crisp to sweet perfection,

crunch then melt, pure satisfaction.

Crinkle pull snap then pop,

bag gets open and I just can’t stop.

Licking powered goodness off

my fat fingers, hold gold aloft.

I savour this divine invention,

then behold my distorted reflection.

There I gaze in contemplation,

at the powder still in possession.

I lick and wipe the crumbs in vain,

then crumple back as I feel the pain.

All gone now is the heavenly snack,

in my stomach, all down pat.

Yet I always hunger for more,

salty, crunchy, chips galore.

To soothe the longing ache inside me,

I grab another bag with glee!

Hear the crinkle, tear and pop,

crunchy chips will come nonstop!


© 2021 Genevieve Brooks

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