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Poem: Crumpled Paper On The Floor

Why I wrote "Crumpled Paper On The Floor"

I was in a classroom when I wrote "Crumpled Paper On The Floor". There were no lessons going on so I decided to be productive on my own by starting to think on what to write with my ideas, inspired by the classroom environment.

Crumpled Paper On The Floor

Balls of crumpled paper all over the floor

Ideas they invented

Sawn and no more

Such a pity

The waste that they made

Has suddenly formed a bin of disgrace

Which is why the classroom has paper ice age

Like that of a cage

Whose brain

Encloses ideas of different taste

And scribbles that were done out of haste

The first ball of paper

Is the one to be blamed

Because it has caused others

To join in the parade

Poem Meaning

We all know that it's okay to make drafts before giving the final result. However, the drafts still form a "bin of disgrace" because I am being sarcastic. There isn't a bin but the rubbish left behind on the floor which is a disgrace.

Bin Of Disgrace

Bin Of Disgrace

Why I say "ice age" is because I imagine the crumpled balls of papers mounting and tumbling down to scatter the floor.

Paper Ice Age

Paper Ice Age

"Encloses ideas of different taste" sounds delicious but some are bitter and sweet. This is why the bitter ideas are the ones done "out of haste".

"The first ball is the one to be blamed" means that sometimes we are focused on getting things right which may lead us to negative consequences like "waste".

"To join in the parade" intends to disguise the matter of "waste" or the matter is taken lightly. Just imagine a crowd of people having fun at a parade. Another way of looking at it is that most of us tend to follow the crowd. In this case, the crowd is the heap of crumpled paper balls and the "first ball" is the initiator of all of this.

Bitter Ideas

Bitter Ideas

Poem Tone

The poem is meant to have a don't care attitude tone. The throwers of the crumpled paper balls did not really pay attention to the number of papers that they have thrown. They take paper for granted.


Environmental Awareness

We should make the effort to recycle paper.

  1. Use the same paper to write down the subsequent drafts
  2. Throw paper into recycling bins specifically for paper.

We are not perfect

Everyone makes mistakes which is why "ideas they more"


I know that wasting paper is not good for the environment if we do not recycle but technology is invading earth and even paper-based exams are replaced by computer-based exams. If one day, schools only use technology for learning, this would save paper but I am going to miss the classic style of writing on paper. With paper, you do not need to worry about blue light affecting your eyesight and I don't know about you, but we would not be able to feel the tangibleness and lightness of paper. Even crushing paper has that lovely sound like fire crackling at a summer camp.

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew