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Cruel Heart

I lost my Grandfather to a heart attack when I was 17. I had trouble coping, especially because it was so sudden, so I wrote him this poem.


You were here yesterday,

cracking jokes and laughing along.

Yet, today I return

and suddenly you are gone?

'Is this truly the end?'

I ask your cruel heart

That gave out at the last moment

That gave up when things got hard

Curse that cruel, cold heart!

I can give you mine.

We may share our blood,

as long as you promise to stay alive

I cry on your death bed,

Feeling powerless as hell.

I cry on your death bed,

wishing death would take me instead.

Where were you, oh cold heart?

Where were you when all these murders occurred?

Where were you when rapists roamed the street?

Where do you stand with those who live on others’ sadness?

Or those who live on greed?

Where do you stand on those who lack morality?

Because I cannot agree

Yet you leave them be.

Let them hurt,

Let them harm,

Let them wound with no return

And Let them leave their scars

But, you leave them be?

Then you chase one who can only be characterized with humanity,

because, how can you leave him be ?

© 2019 Laila Hashem

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