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Cruel Blind Heart

Born July of 1983. Spent my life bouncing around, learning a wide variety of things. Always wanting to figure out the wonders of the world.

Unconditional Ghost

Lead to believe.
Not allowed to see.
Put through trials full of pain.
Nearly going insane.
Everywhere is lies.
Just wanting to know why.
What is the reason for destroying a person and what they believe?
From this, what do you receive?
Is this what it takes for you to feel better about yourself?
Is there not anything else?
I ponder on your motives and rewards.
If its what you want, go ahead it's yours.
Take it, take it all!
I hope that your problems it will solve.
I'll let you go without regret.
Just tell me one thing, was it worth the time that you spent?

(May God Be With You and whatever it is that makes you so COLD-HEARTED)

© 2020 Robert Michael Jamieson

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