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Crossword Puzzle Mind

Alexandra Lang is a 22 year old performer currently traveling the world, writing about her time around the universe.


You crossword mind, with your fill in the blanks and erasable answers. How can anyone ever solve your thoughts with no clues in your restrained words?

My first love taught me that emotions only work as a jigsaw puzzle, and I've been playing that game ever since. Playing that game every opportunity I can discover, with everyone I can see as an opportunity.

I learned slowly that flowers still grow from where bridges were burned, and ours went up in flames years ago. The same flames still dance somewhere under the surface of my glacier frame.

There was just something so simple about loving a boy with maple syrup words, and something even simpler about washing him off of every plate set at the table of my mind.

And now some boy with the feeling of entitlement tells me that I'm a rose who wears her thorns on purpose. I'm sure that if he knew why these thorns grew in the first place, he wouldn't have found a way to let those words escape his throat.

Now I've sculpted myself into a sandcastle of bones, adding a new grain of integrity to my outline with each day.

© 2019 Xandra Lang

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