Crossing RHYMES (Season 2)

Updated on February 7, 2018


After a season of success.
They made families less depressed.
Saving their loved ones.
A man remembers what they’ve done.
What they’ve done for his son.
The team saved his son.
He came to them help out.
Revealing the whereabouts.
The whereabouts of their leader.
The team gets it before he's murdered.
He knew he was being watched.
The murder wasn’t really a shock.
Carl and the team.
Feels that they need.
To travel to a building.
Somewhere in London.
A stadium to be exact.
Just needed help to get to it.
They get the help they need.
They develop a strategy.
To get into the stadium.
To catch the Russian gangsta.
& to free their leader.
They know he's being tortured.
They recognize he’s in danger.
They go in with much heat.
They kill the gangsta and set free.
They set free their leader.
Then they get the master.

Old Friend

The Russians are dead.
The team got back their head.
But some are slightly unhappy.
But still, focus on saving.
Saving lives & making families smile.
But an old friend roams around.
Roaming around in New York.
Looking to even the score.
Even the score with the team.
Carl finds out how the team.
How the team found out.
They later make plans to go about.
Go about to New York City.
Once they arrive, they’re given plenty.
Plenty of information.
The friend finds out about it.
He makes plans to react.
Being ready for when the team attacks.
Meanwhile, the team finds a victim.
A girl that the friend murdered.
While the team figured her ID.
They capture a group that seeks.
Seeks to kill them.
They find who’s behind them.
The men later see the truth.
That friend tried killing them too.
Meanwhile, Carl is at the place.
He soon stands face to face.
Confronting the old friend.
Bringing his terror to an end.

The Sniper

It’s a beautiful day in Europe.
But it is ruined by a killer.
A sniper inside of a hi-rise.
The police find him but they die.
The team gets on the case.
They get to the place.
To the place where it all happened.
Gathering the evidence.
Profiling the murder scene.
They then go to searching.
Searching for the sniper.
They get a note from the sniper.
Threatening that more will die.
They assume the sniper will try.
Will try killing them as well.
They must find him or he prevails.
They learn that he’s after officers.
He may be an ex-officer.
He makes a request.
Before fulfilling a promise.
There are much more bodies.
But the team is still standing.
Standing, tracking him down.
Making it safe for all to walk around.

Grimm Reaper

A young woman stands atop a building.
Stands there with tears streaming.
Streaming down her face.
She gets a text seeing her placed.
Seeing her placed in a position.
Shes threatened in a single message.
The message revealed a surprise.
One that made her commit suicide.
Before it, she threw her phone.
She realized that she was never alone.
This other guy gets a message.
The messenger is a spy.
That's looking to destroy another life.
The team looks into it.
Learning why these suicides happen.
Meanwhile, that other guy.
Gets a message online.
He figures have been hacked.
His life's not the same after that.
The team knows that someone is watching.
They pursue the one that's causing.
Causing these suicides.
They go to lengths to find.
Find the internet hacker.
That's revealed to be the Grimm Reaper.
He finds pleasure in seeing.
These people committing.
Suicide. Taking their own lives.
The team gives him a big surprise.

The Bikers

A family in Belgium.
Is ambushed by invaders.
Thinking a woman is hurt.
When really the woman's doing work.
A boy finds them killed.
Later, its revealed.
That they were a target.
Their property was taken.
They enter the crime scene.
Finding the little things.
Carl finds that these guys.
May not be a surprise.
They have done this before.
But this time, they want more.
They find that the woman.
Was a decoy before the killing.
They find that the guys.
Are Germans and they ride.
They ride bikes. They're a gang.
The woman wants to change.
She wants out of the operation.
She couldn't take the devastation.
Meanwhile, a member tries.
To join their gang by surprise.
He happens to get in.
His team will later move in.
But the Gang's leader.
Realizes that a cop is near.
Led by their leader.
They plan another murder.
But they first make a stop.
The gang finds that he is a cop.
Putting an end to the leader's plot.

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