Crossing RHYMES

Updated on February 8, 2018

Like all good stories, this one starts with a beautiful woman. Young, Adventurous and Full of life. Unfortunately, this story also starts with the end of her life. With her Murder.

— Carlton "Carl" Hickman


Carl was not in a good way.
There were many days.
Days that he thought about giving up.
As an ex-cop, he suffered enough.
He narrates a woman's murdered.
They need to find the killer.
The department’s overwhelmed.
A retired cop decides to help.
Louise creates a team.
To be apart of what he’s trying.
What he is trying to do.
He gets Carl to join the crew.
Carl finds it hard at first.
But is convinced to make it work.
For the sake of finding the killer.
Getting who’s behind this murder.
Who’s showing off in the parks of Europe?
He commits these crimes.
Keeping his victims unidentified.
The team searches for ways.
They reverse his own ways.
They ID him first.
If they find him they find the curse.
Despite the casualties suffered.
The team gets together.
Desiring to solve the crime.
They realize it will take time.


Carl is regretting it.
He desires to not be apart of it.
He has already been through this life.
He decides to walk from this life.
But waits until after they find the girl.
He wants to go back to his world.
The girl has crossed the border.
With a crazy kidnapper.
The team still investigates.
The events that are taking place.
Meanwhile, the Kidnapper’s stopped.
Stopped by the cops.
While changing a tire.
He doesn’t know that the cop has figured.
That he is hiding something.
The cop walks like it’s nothing.
They later, get a witness.
He comes and provides evidence.
They find out his name.
They realize his game.
Meeting him where he is.
That is where it all ends.

The Killer

Despite him being captured.
They lost a team member.
While they attend the funeral.
Remembering her as a great individual.
Elsewhere, a man highly known.
Takes a woman home.
He has no clue who she is.
Until the woman poisons.
Men dressed as paramedics.
Comes in finishes.
Finishing him off.
Taking a picture that’s worth a lot.
Carl returns back home.
Going back to living his life alone.
Fulfilling his promises to leave.
But later rejoins the team.
Enjoying the team's new headquarters.
Where they find out about the murder.
They discuss to get it resolved.
Finding evidence of the crime.
Hoping to find him alive.
They knew he may cross the border.
They quickly start to gather.
Gathering all that they have.
Interrupting the path.
Of the man that gave the orders.
To have the mogul murdered.

The Trucker

A family on a trip.
Has a weird experience.
Of a truck going out of control.
Running them off the road.
They get to a rest stop.
A young woman stops.
Stops and asks for a ride.
Her request is denied.
Later that night.
Their car stalls with no one in sight.
They then see the one that asked.
She saw them and passed.
They see another vehicle.
Of another, innocent couple.
That stopped to help them out.
The team later finds out.
That there may be a serial killer.
Or maybe an organized murder.
Finding many dead bodies.
Knowing the killers out roaming.
They work on identifying the bodies.
They get the truck stop tape.
They get the license plate.
Of the couple in the SUV.
They find that’s they're hiding.
Hiding something of value.
They’re not telling the truth.
They did kill the couple.
But were in a lot of trouble.
The couple was given orders.
To fight or be murdered.
They find the one behind it.
Apprehending the killers that are doing it.

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