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Critical "Word" Theory


Words are very crucial to thinking

They shape ideas,

It was words and actions that produced critical race theory,

Choosing the correct words are always an option,

A work of self-employment, a job given,

The discipline over prescribed chosen words to think,

It is the thinkers job to reason,

The thoughts of others are packaged for rhetoric and propaganda,

Or they are just ordinary, or normal thoughts as conveyed,

Opinionated or poised,

Good or evil can be suggested, through manipulated persuasion,

Hear say, say what you hear can become a stance,

Or this approach can navigate words towards idle thinking,

Critical words can produce dull or itching ears,

Set angry hearts and minds aflame,

Or they may just down right bore, and

Put minds to sleep, and the function mode on snooze,

The alarm will sound effectually and diversely for some,

Temporarily, or at different times for others,

The trumpet will sound but, when I hear it,

You probably won’t, and vice versa,

Critical and careless are words spoken with no purpose,

Words sent with no return stamp,

Usually go back to the sender, address unknown,

Wonder of purposes, have they accomplished what they were sent to do,

While others are gentle and careful,

Engaging towards dialogue or conversation,

a note, or a letter perhaps,

Careless words are marked for repentance,

Sorrow felt for the intent of injury,

The most critical, and questionable word,

I have ever encountered is the word “repent”

I wonder if this is the word settled in heaven,

In which scriptures declares the angels rejoice

every time a sinner repents,

Can sorrow be understood concerning

A sinner's repentance,

It is a pragmatic word when experienced systemically,

It is stemma, and gets to the root of the matter,

Pent and vent, we vent, and call it prayer,

We pent and store up words producing theories,

A theory is an idea intended to explain facts and events,

Sounds alot like the intent of prayer,

Tell God everything,

the good, bad and the ugly,

The basis of theory is thought that words propel,

Change in thinking is so rapid,

Performing the change is the stickler,

I have found this to be my truth,

Repent is the most critical, yet, misunderstood word In religion,

because of the mercy and judgment operating together in unisys,

In order for justice to be a reality,

Grace sufficiently can favor, and strength is always active,

Grace and law are companions, not foes,

Critical words can produce chaos,

Yet, they can produce peace as well,

If one respects words, not where, or who speaks them,

Highlight order, no voice is insignificant,

Cancel the hypocrite, and shrink critical theories,

To repent words to think about them first before speaking them,

The Atmosphere is listening, and hears every word spoken,

The critical and the careful,

Time has all records.

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