Criminal Rhymes (Season 2)

Updated on January 19, 2018

Still Hunting

The team is still hunting.
For the lunatic, that's still holding.
Holding a girl against her will.
The team still strategizes to fulfill.
To fulfill their mission.
They have to make a decision.
A decision to get the girl.
Despite one of their own's world.
Is changed when shes shot.
They still find a plot.
Reed brings his mom in.
She assists them in finding.
Who the fisher king is.
She hears his voice and knows it.
She tells her son reed.
That leads to the team.
The team heads to rescue.
Meeting the king who decides to.
Decides to blow himself up.
Before giving the girl up.

No More Trafficking

A young boy has locked in.
Locked in a basement.
Being punished for something.
But people find it's really nothing.
Truth is, he's being set aside.
To be sold while alive.
He doesn't know the dangers of his life.
He uploaded a video to a website.
He's being auctioned off.
He must be rescued before he's bought.
They try finding who's in charge.
The one holding him's at large.
They know little about his being.
So they start investigating.
They fly to Ohio.
With information, they already know.
They obtain more information.
Then they pursue the culprit.
Finding little clues.
That leads to good news.
They apprehend the suspect.
Freeing the kids he was trafficking.

A mothers cries

A couple in Florida.
Sees a video of their daughter.
Tied up and screaming.
Seeing a man abducting.
The team gets knows about it.
They immediately discuss it.
Strategizing how it happened.
Then investigate it.
They find the girl murdered.
Before going talking to her mother.
Gathering up some clues.
Meanwhile, the killer's still at large.
He puts a girl in his car.
While her mom please about her star.
The team watches.
They're on top of it.
They filter out the clues.
They begin to pursue.
Pursue the killer.
Fulfilling the please of the mother.

No more Robbing

A bank gets held up.
All inside dressed up.
Has taken off their clothes.
While the robbers search for gold.
The team discusses it.
Figuring ways to stop it.
They discuss a strategy.
While they're on the plane flying.
Flying to the location.
Where the robbery is happening.
Meeting the authorities.
He informs them immediately.
They study the crime scene.
They end up finding.
What the robbers really wanted
The find why they are running.
The later go hunting.
Tracking down the robbers.
Saving the people they've captured.

Off of the Streets

Just another night in Virgina.
The team finds there's a serial raper.
At a bible college in Ohio.
Then find that he's raided a home.
They fly to the crime scene.
Joining the Dayton Police.
To apprehend the suspect.
They obtain information.
Meeting the woman in the hospital.
They even visit the school.
Getting all the clues that they need.
Comforting the victims while they grieve.
They began to piece it all.
The rapist still's standing tall.
Preying on college girls.
Doing anything to destroy their world.
The very next day.
The team discusses the way.
The way to arresting him.
They get the clues and find him.
Arresting him like they planned.
They took a Dangerous man...

Just Another Child

Kids tell a story.
About a young boy running.
Running from an old man.
The child is found dead.
The team gets the case.
They begin to make.
A few different assessments.
Before flying to Texas.
Viewing the crime scene.
Teaming up with the police.
Finding the killer is Psycho.
They then gather what they already know.
The team convinces.
The parents on finding.
Finding the murderer.
While teaching kids to not wonder.
But a group disobeys.
A boy goes to the place.
To a haunted house.
Where they find the boy hiding out.
Then finding more clues.
Before finding out the truth.

The Predator

A high school football team.
Have a pep rally.
A group of girls doesn't attend.
They're kidnapped and held hostage.
The team gets the case.
They fly to the place.
Getting clues about what happened.
Meeting the Police Department.
Obtaining information.
Gathering of all the evidence.
Finding it was more than three.
The team starts focusing.
Focusing on who's involved.
Taking the steps to solve.
To solve this crime.
To find these girls alive.
Its been a few days.
But they're confident in their ways.
They track down the girls.
Destroying the predator's world.

The Bomber

A man in a lab.
Makes a bomb and plans.
Plans to detonate it.
But did not say where it.
Where it will go off.
The team figures where it goes off.
The man says it's the only beginning.
So the team focuses on finding.
Finding the man with the bomb.
The man plants the bomb.
On a bus in Seattle.
But only killing two people.
The team is skeptical.
Knowing it was more people.
More in harm's way.
They then began to investigate.
Finding important clues.
They then get good news.
News about his location.
Stopping him from another explosion.

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