Criminal RHYMES (Season 8)

Updated on February 10, 2018

Its over

In a prison in Texas.
There was a severe reaction.
That cause the paramedics.
To take an inmate for operation.
The paramedics try to save him.
But the guard wants to kill him.
They're suddenly in an accident.
Killing 95 percent.
95 percent of those in the car.
Those alive are him and the guard.
He sees the guard wounded
Picks up a gun and aims it.
Aims it at the guard.
Instead, he helps the guard.
Helps the guard stand up.
But decides that enough’s enough.
He kills him and escapes.
The team picks up the case.
They find out that escapee.
Killed off people silently.
The team goes to Texas.
They tell those in Texas.
That he’s been killing.
But this time he is sowing.
Sowing the mouth of his victims.
He kills another victim.
The find out the reason.
They find that he's hiding.
Hiding, but surviving.
He remembers being abused.
He now feels he has nothing to lose.
He's killing for sport.
Doing it with little remorse.
He’s tracked down after his last.
The team brings his spree to an end.

Scorned Mothers

A couple in San Diego.
Has some struggles.
Struggles that the wife can’t handle.
She goes out and finds trouble.
She gets murdered.
The team finds there was one after her.
A killer’s on the loose.
The team finds out the truth.
Before they even arrive.
Some vital facts arise.
The begin to reconsider.
They're dealing with two killers.
Two women on a mission to kill.
Avenging deaths of their kids.
But one of them regrets it.
She is close to deciding.
Deciding to leave it alone.
Shes convinced to go on.
She’s reluctant but agrees.
They have no clue that the team.
The team is watching them.
They gather evidence to find them.
Finding the reason behind it.
They're doing it because of injustice.
Justice wasn’t served for their kids.
They put on a spree to send a message.
They find the killer.
They kill the killer.
The team finds one woman.
They will track down the other woman.


Two construction workers.
Discuss working together.
They see a man in the shadows.
They hear his voice but he doesn’t show.
Instead, he tells them.
That something awaits them.
Something inside of the woods.
The men walk in the woods.
They see dead bodies.
Those dead are a family.
A family that went missing.
The one that tipped them off is missing.
Meanwhile, another family.
Is locked in a facility.
With one of their own taken.
Leaving the family wondering.
Wondering where they are.
The guy shouldn’t be far.
The team is on the case.
They dig deeper to not mistake.
To not mistake the mission.
They arrive and pay close attention.
The family is frustrated.
They all are searching.
Searching for ways to get out.
The father begins to burst out.
Bursting out the windows.
Screaming for help.
They find that its no one else.
No one else around.
They are all stuck down.
Watching the kidnapper.
Kill a woman that the father.
The father was sleeping with.
He forces him to admit it.
Tensions later arise.
They confess that they’ve all lied.
They all lied to one another.
But are later saved from the kidnapper.

The Mortician

A boy in a hotel.
Sees that something's failed.
His leg had fallen off.
But its just a dream after all.
It's really reality.
That killing and taking.
Taking right legs.
But the boy in the hotel wasn’t dead.
Morgan and Rossi talk to the boy.
They find out from the boy.
Some information to help them.
Resolve the case for more than just him.
The victims are under anesthesia.
Before he does the procedure.
The guy’s experimenting.
Trying to defy Human biology.
He lost his license as a doctor.
But still carries on as a doctor.
They find that he really isn’t.
The guy is a former mortician.
His first victims were males.
He started taking females.
To save his amputee wife.
She finds that he's not doing right.
Things change when she finds out.
She convinces him to get out.
To leave it all alone.
He's arrested at his own home.

Live Stock

A personal trainer.
Is hired to make this guy better.
But notices something different.
The guy seems to have a condition.
A condition that is mental.
The same happened to other people.
He's torturing the victims.
The team makes a likely decision.
To go to the destination.
They get to the crime scene.
They’re informed by the authorities.
They find that the victim was drugged.
Drugged so much he couldn’t stand up.
He and the rest of the victims.
Have the same drugs in their system.
Making them very drowsy.
That effects everyday activities.
One of the victims has died.
The team then finds.
That the suspect may be a woman.
She's thorough and patient.
Shes kidnapping men.
Looking to make one her own man.
Her daughter needs a father.
She witnesses that her mother.
Her mother is really delusional.
She's seeing things that aren’t so.
The woman is really depressed.
That her husband has left.
Her daughter became skeptical.
She sees her mom is delusional.
Her mom just is not herself.
The team vows to get her some help.

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