Criminal RHYMES (Season 7)

Updated on January 29, 2018

The Boy

Emily seemingly died.
They try to find the killer alive.
But the Senate committee is upset.
That they used federal funds to fund it.
Federal funds without saying a word.
While discussing the case.
Someone familiar walks in the place.
Someone they see as family.
That familiar face is Emily.
The missing child is tracked down.
But is about to leave town.
The boy is handed over.
Saved by the soldiers.
They can't deny the teams work.
The team showed their worth.
They did what was needed.
Just to find the child that is missing.
They are later convinced.
That the team is committed.
Committed to serving the community.
The Committee lets the team be.

Very Troubled

A boy has been bullied long ago.
Those events affected his growth.
But still, he became a man.
But he was a very troubled man.
Kidnapping and torturing.
His victims before killing.
The team finds it all troubling.
They discuss the strategy.
To apprehend this suspect.
This suspect sees this.
He sees this as a sport.
He's Justifying his own remorse.
The team arrives in Oklahoma.
The authorities inform them.
The killer's terrorizing campuses.
He records all of his victims.
Using them as trophies after killing them.
He kidnaps them and dissects their eyes
Then tops it off by taking their lives.
This killer's not a normal one.
He knows what he's doing.
Seeming to have autism.
But using a lot of wisdom.
Torturing his victims with acid.
In a home that's abandoned.
He stays with a family.
They have no clue that he's watching.
Watching their daughter.
The team figures his behavior.
They get him off the streets.
Making families really happy.

The Condition

LUKE worked for the navy.
Sees all around him as the enemy.
He calls into his workplace.
Telling them he's coming in today.
But not coming in to work.
But coming in to hurt.
Hurting and killing his co-workers.
The team's informed of his behavior.
Realizing that he's mentally wounded.
Trying to know the reason he's doing.
Doing this to families.
Having no remorse or feeling.
Wanting his daughter and life.
Despite the warrant for his life.
The team contacts him.
Tries to hear from him.
While finding his location.
They find the real reason.
The reason behind this all.
Luke still stands tall.
He changed his image.
He finds out about his condition.


On a cold night in Idaho.
A school principal.
Reminisces about past students.
But his home is later exploded.
Exploded with him inside.
With the same bomb that was inside.
That was inside of his school.
But it was him that rescue.
Him that rescued the kids.
The killer's mad at what he did.
The team looks to figure out.
Who took the principle out.
The question one of the students.
They hear that he hated.
Hated the principle.
But didn't kill the principle.
But knows who did it.
He has a list hidden.
Hidden inside of his room.
They take apart his room.
They obtain the list.
Then later apprehend bombmaker.
Causing all the devastation.
Putting an end to it all.
Justice is standing for all.


A child cries because of his mom.
Is going away on a job.
She drops the child off.
Unknown of the cost.
His mom will soon be dead.
The child will later ask questions.
But right now, she is alive.
She tells the team why.
Why she dropped her kid.
She was leaving him with her parents.
Didn't want her son seeing her cry.
Attempting to commit suicide.
Meanwhile, her child finds out.
What his abductors about.
He killed his mom.
That's his day and night job.
This killer hides behind.
A dispatcher to not surprise.
To not surprise the kids.
Making them think he's helping.
The team catches on to it the final one.
Catching him before he kills another one.

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