Criminal RHYMES (Season 6)

Updated on January 29, 2018

Killer Superstar

The team tries to catch this maniac.
This maniac that's been hard to catch.
He wounded Derek Morgan.
Because Derek knew where he was going.
The Maniac is still at large.
The team takes charge.
Morgan's wounds have healed.
Morgan begins to feel.
That this guy has no soul.
He feels bad that he holds.
He holds a child hostage.
He calls the hostage.
His partner in crime.
The team tries to find them in time.
That partner in crime.
Made the lights shine.
Shine on where they are.
Even when killed, he seeks to be a star.

By Surprise

A girl is missing.
The team discusses finding.
Finding her alive.
So they all strategize.
They arrive at the police station.
Obtaining vital information.
Finding out where the crime's committed.
Questioning those they've arrested.
They profile the scene.
They're beginning to see.
Seeing how things happened.
Trying to find the girls location.
Forcing the team to question.
Question if they are the ones.
But they figure they are the ones.
The suspects know where the girl is.
The team gets to the bottom of it.
The find the girl alive.
The team is taken by surprise.
When JJ leaves the team.
To be apart of another team.

The Duo

A family rides to a game.
But experience a sudden change.
When they leave their home.
Her daughter calls the home.
Calling there with a warning.
That a guy plans on killing.
Killing her and a friend.
The team then begins.
Begins to research the case.
They go to the place.
Meeting the authorities.
Getting audio of the warning.
Rossi figures it out.
He knows what this killer's about.
He used to do it years ago.
But now he's not working solo.
The team searches for a group.
The killer's too old to do.
So his son does what he used to.
In the midst of the investigation.
They find who's really behind it.
The group's a father and son.
They're found before killing another one.


A couple is killed on a date.
On a night at the lake.
After they do what he wanted.
The team finds out about it.
They go to the location.
Being informed about the situation.
Profiling the crime scenes.
They determine what they really mean.
The killer has them fulfill.
His fantasies then he kills.
They obtain more clues.
Finding out what may be the truth.
The truth about the killer.
He just may be a swinger.
Killing couples that he knows.
The team wants him before he goes.
Goes to kill much more.
They realize what they're looking for.
They zoom in on the case.
The guy reveals his face.
Shooting up a place.
The team hunts down this disgrace.

Just a Kid

There's a killer on the lose.
One that the team must pursue.
Because he's on a spree.
He kills and is dissecting.
Meanwhile, Morgan has a problem.
He must solve the problem.
But must focus on the case.
They must find this killer before it's late.
They profile the crime scene.
They figure the killer just maybe.
Just maybe someone familiar.
They see a bigger picture.
The killer is on the prowl.
Kidnapping a mom in front of her child.
The mom just thinks he's upset.
Then later she sees her death.
He goes to his family home.
He grabs and holds.
Holds his sister. Threatens her life.
But the team convinces him to save his life.
He releases her. His sister lives.
It's great that the team didn't kill the kid.


On the Detroit streets.
There's a man roaming.
Terrorizing the city.
Torturing victims before killing.
Burning his victims alive.
The team doesn't seem surprised.
Because it's Halloween weekend.
When many murders happen.
They meet with authorities.
They all are expecting.
Finding the mass arsonist.
But before it, he commits.
He commits more murders.
The team prepares for his capture.
But before they move in.
The arsonist strikes again.
But this time the victim is saved.
He makes sure the suspect doesn't get away.

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