Criminal RHYMES (Season 5)

Updated on January 25, 2018

You reap what you sow

The Boston Reaper is still at large.
He's confronted and shot Hotch.
He's killed another along the way.
The team finds out before it's too late.
After obtaining more clues.
They receive the news.
Where the reaper is going next.
The team convinces the dad to let.
Let them do their Jobs.
To find the reaper that's trying to rob.
Trying to rob families around the town.
The team wants to take them down.
Feeling the reaper maybe after his son.
When really, he's the one.
The one he's really after.
The team does what's needed for his capture.
Meanwhile, they find out that Hotch.
They find that he's been shot.
Then find that he's been kidnapped.
Despite it all, he's hunted down.
but the reaper is still going around.

Hunted Down

A mentally Ill man.
Is hoping to get.
A prescription for his illness.
But he ends up killing.
Meanwhile, Morgan's concerned.
Concerned about Hotches return.
Return back to the workplace.
He feels that it is too early.
They find out about the killer.
They find the stressor.
Then head to the location.
They profile the ill patient.
Realizing he has a problem.
It will take them to resolve it.
Getting help from authorities.
Seeing how he's behaving.
Finding that he's psychotic.
Searching for ways to stop it.
The guy needs help.
But he murders someone else.
He goes on a spree.
He really isn't happy.
He abducts a child.
But he is hunted down.

Inside Man

A woman witnesses a murder.
Stands face to face with the killer.
He attacks her, thinking she died.
He has no clue that she survived.
Meanwhile, Hotch and his team.
Get the case and starts profiling.
They fly down to the place.
They then start to investigate.
Investigate what happened.
Getting needed information.
The killer kills an old friend.
The hard work then begins.
The killer plots his next victim.
The team sees the big picture.
The someone on the inside.
Is protecting the killer on the outside.
That inside man's killed.
The killer's also killed.


A group of young guys.
Watches how they destroy lives.
Brutality killing couples.
The team has never seen so much trouble.
Standing, looking at the bodies.
They start profiling.
Meanwhile, the group of guys.
Takes teens by surprise.
Killing them both.
The team sees they can't let these guys go.
So they move much faster.
Getting pressured a sister.
The sister of one of the victims.
Closing in on capturing them.
Before it, they find their pattern.
Making it easy to capture.
Making the sister Happy.
By finding the killers of her family.

The Basement

A woman locked in a basement.
Is in pain screaming.
Giving birth to a child.
A man comes down.
Takes the child from her arms.
He puts the child in his arms.
The team finds out about it.
Together, they go over it.
Finding that girls are missing.
Finding that someone's kidnapping.
He's raping and impregnating.
The girls give birth before dying.
Before his last victim dies.
They find the child alive.
They find her alive too.
Getting the killer and seeing the truth.


It was a dark night in the city.
A man prowls looking.
Looking for innocent girls.
Finding and killing the girls.
Meanwhile, the team finds out.
That Hotch is stepping out.
From being the head of the team.
Before flying to the crime scene.
Seeing this killer's work.
Meeting the authorities.
Being informed about his well being.
Finding out his personality.
Meeting the victim's families.
They request all of her.
They find that he's a doctor.
Ripping out his victim's eyeballs.
Then storing them all.
They profile their man.
They hunt down their man.


At a concert of one of the hottest bands.
The lead singer of the band.
Starts bleeding from his mouth.
A few of the fans were taken out.
Killed in the same fashion.
The team knows a killer is roaming.
Roaming around the city.
But it's the way that's intriguing.
He's killing very only in the night.
Sucking their blood on the site.
A vampire that is on the streets.
The team focuses on capturing.
Catching him and freeing.
The innocent people from walking.
Walking around at night alone.
The vampire is closer to home.

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