Criminal RHYMES (Season 4)

Updated on January 25, 2018


There's a major explosion.
A car bomb has taken.
Taken a toll on agents.
Hotch is one of the agents.
At the federal building.
They try to find what's happening
Meanwhile, they find the bomber.
Derek pursues the bomber.
Derek chases him inside.
Then watches him commit suicide.
The team strategizes.
They meet up for a mission.
They make a quick decision.
Finding the mastermind.
Derek finds the bomb inside.
Inside an ambulance.
He gets it to a place that's clear.
While the team finds the mastermind.
Seeing him commit suicide.
Derek's presumed to have died.
Turns out, HE SURVIVED.

In another form

A woman's in her home one night.
Not knowing shed be killed the same night.
The team finds out about her murder.
Searching to solve the murder.
They get to the location.
Starting off with information.
At the scene of the crime.
Hoping it's solved in time.
The authorities inform them.
That the killer is still roaming.
Roaming around the city.
Still kidnapping and killing.
The Killer's presumed dead.
They unearth and see they are misled.
But find that their killer.
They find that he was never.
Never really in the coffin.
They find that someone assisted.
Assisted him in his escape.
The killer's in an unusal place.
Leaving the team to adjust.
Finding the killer reborn.
Reborn into another form.

False Prophet

A guy posing as a pastor.
The team decides to go after.
To go after him for children.
That they have found to be missing.
They talk to a young girl.
Who happens to spend her world.
Being Married to the Pastor.
Whom they seek to capture.
While attempting to apprehend him.
They find out more about him.
He has his own team.
His own team is protecting.
Meanwhile, the rest of the team.
See the turnout on the T.V.
They fly to the location.
Getting to the bottom of the situation.
They talk to the pastor.
Informing him of his behavior.
Letting him know that they know.
One of the members go.
Go and meet with him.
Seeing all he's holding hostage.
After recent events.
The team strategizes.
A way to get inside.
They get in and save the kids lives.

Takes him away

On a rainy night.
A truck sees a car in its sights.
Sees it in his path.
He hits it thinking he killed.
Thinking he killed all inside.
He gets outside.
Seeing they were already murdered.
Someone framed him for the murder.
The team finds that they were DOA.
Then they start to investigate.
Investigate who committed it.
So they rewind what happened.
The team flies to a town.
The team finds out.
That what they were thinking right.
Someone killed them through the night.
The killer thought he got away.
The team tracks him and takes him away.

Half Brother

A guy gets off a train.
He finds a home and invades.
Killing the woman inside.
Then flees from the crime.
Finding another city.
Repeating it in another city.
The team gets a hold of it.
Looking to get this resolved.
Figuring out his pattern.
They head to the city he's after.
Meeting with the authorities.
Hotch talks him into changing.
Changing the way the police.
Investigates what's happening.
The team takes over.
Then figure his behavior.
He's homeless but ls clothed.
Taking the clothes inside the homes.
Of those, he is murdering.
They discover his personality.
Obtaining his DNA.
The team doesn't let him get away.

The rescue

After meeting a new team member.
The team hunts after a killer.
A killer preying on little kids.
Hoping to find before he gets another kid.
Turns out, it's too late.
He abducts the child.
But doesn't kill the child.
They meet the parents.
Finding this case a little different.
They analyze the situation.
The parents are later contacted.
But they get an idea of where he is.
The team does what they can for the kid.
Attending the funeral of a slain child.
Feeling the criminal may come around.
The killer does show up.
The team has enough.

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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