Criminal RHYMES (Season 1)

Updated on January 13, 2018

Extreme Agressor

A lady gets picked up in the rain.
He's to drop her off in the rain.
He takes off the locks.
Then ignores her stop.
Hodge is home to his family.
Then gets the info that the lady.
That lady is missing.
He calls his team about her missing.
He called the Seattle Strangler.
The team goes over his papers.
Seeing the women he has killed.
Before he kills more.
The team begins looking for.
They get on the plane.
Discussing the stranglers rage.
They arrive at the headquarters.
Then discuss the case with the others.
They begin finding clues.
Then figure out his rules.
Little clues and big ones.
Doing what he needs to find the right one.
They narrow down what they find.
Apprehending him at the right time.


At a station in the middle of nowhere.
Gideon meets the cashier.
Who seems to have a studdering problem.
That sees his gun thinking he's trying to rob him.
He finds that Gideon was the FBI.
The cashier is really the guy.
The guy that commit many murders.
The team then gets together.
Discussing some information.
About the case, they were taking.
He's seen on tape setting a fire.
Setting a fire on someone else.
They have what they're looking for.
They get on a plane and search for more.
Search for more clues.
They attend the boy's school.
They narrow it down.
Then the team takes him down.

Won't be fooled again

In Palm Beach, Florida.
A man confronts a Mr.Clurman.
While they are departing.
There is a sudden bombing.
Meanwhile, at the headquarters.
The news explains it better.
They see an explosion.
Then decide on going.
Going down to Palm Beach.
They come together and piece.
Piecing together the crime.
During it all they find.
They find some key clues.
Gideon gets some news.
They assume they know who built it.
Gideon pays a visit.
A visit to a prison.
Finding that the guy in Prison.
Is teaching one the way.
To build bombs that make people pay.
He seems to succeed.
But the victory falls on the team.

Plain Sight

A woman was working out.
In the privacy of her house.
Unknowing a man has entered.
That results in him killing her.
Meanwhile, at the headquarters.
There's a party for a team member.
That's abruptly interrupted.
They start their investigation.
About the murder that took place.
They fly to the place.
They gather up the clues.
Starting first with the bad news.
Seeing the women he's killed.
Gideon begins to feel.
That the guy is very confident.
In fulfilling his missions.
The killings pile up.
As the guys team up.
With the PD in San Diego.
To stop the criminal.
The task is never easy.
But their expertise makes it easy.

Broken Mirror

A couple at a party.
Drives home after drinking.
They see a car sitting.
Then get out with hopes of finding.
Finding out the reason.
They later end up staring.
Down the barrel of a gun.
The killer only kills one.
Kidnapping the girl.
Rattling her family's world.
Her Twin sister.
Believes shes in Danger.
The team investigates.
Morgan begins to create.
Create a scenario.
Gideon gets her father to go.
Go and call the kidnapper.
He hears moments later.
That he wants the twin.
The team then begins.
Begins finding where he is.
He makes it impossible.
He demands money to let her go.
But the FBI team feels.
That he'd get that money and kill.
They offer the money.
The twin drops off the money.
Morgan feels it's something funny.
He wants them both.
But the team says nope.


On a park in Illinois.
A father plays with his boy.
But the father's suddenly falls.
The shooter is standing tall.
At the headquarters.
The team hears of the murders.
Finding long distance killers.
Obtaining info about his murders.
They fly to the location.
Then go to the scene and investigate it.
Gideon pays a visit.
To a doctor that knows about it.
They find the simple clues.
They then obtain some news.
The shooter's still at large.
They carefully take charge.
Informing others on the case.
To use wisdom when they chase.
When they chase the criminal.
This one's a bit complicated.
But the team still solves it.
The shooter is found later.
The shooter is the doctor.

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