Criminal Rhymes

Updated on July 8, 2018

Episode 3

It’s a bright and sunny day.

A nice one to go out and play.

When people can laugh and mingle.

Until a man kills innocent people.

A nice day has turned dark.

A day that ended with broken hearts.

The suspect’s still on the loose.

Looking for a girl on the loose.

Meanwhile, the FBI team.

Investigates the crime scenes.

While a beautiful, young lady.

Is escorted into hiding.

Escorted by a protector.

He risked his life to protect her.

While the suspect’s still unseen.

Still destroying the lives of families.

They figure, it’s his expertise.

The team is careful to leak.

To leak out any evidence.

Because the killer’s very intelligent.

Meanwhile, the lady in hiding.

Comes on to the guy that’s protecting.

The guy rejects her offer.

He seems focused on protecting her.

As things get testy.

She notices him acting.

Him acting very strange.

But it is just the way he was trained.

As the team closes in.

They get help from a witness.

Who leads them to the suspect.

The team hopes to just arrest.

But it ends with worse.

They kill the killer first.

Before he kills again.

His next was his best friend.

Episode 4

A young man was distraught.

Roams the streets looking lost.

He then sees help in the distance.

The man goes to the help stumbling.

That help thinks the guys playing.

So, the help ends up rejecting.

The young man just faints.

While the team discusses the case.

Discussing how he was abused.

While they met their recruit.

They stay focused on the case.

They all decide to take.

To take a risk and talk.

To the man that fainted and walked.

Walked to the hospital.

They thought that the issue was mental.

But find that it was overrated.

That young man was out of his coma.

Helping the team to capture.

To capture the suspect.

Without causing harm during the process.

Meanwhile, the suspect.

Continues to inflict.

Extensive pain and suffering.

On a victim in his custody.

Turns out that victim.

Is a close friend of the first victim?

He cries that she is saved.

So, the team starts to pave.

Pave a way to where he is.

They find what they’re dealing with.

They lock on to the suspect.

Then closes in on his location.

They first save the young man’s friend.

Another capture with a happy end.

Episode 5

A Texas teenager.

Has a bad father.

That’s on a killing spree.

With an intention to keep.

Keep her in darkness.

She’s blind to the cops hunting.

Hunting them both down.

Until she hears around.

Around the town they are wanted.

On the news she sees their faces.

She then starts asking questions.

He sees that her eyes are opened.

He tells her everything.

But persuades her that he’s protecting.

Protecting her from danger.

She feels he’s her savior.

Meanwhile, the team is figuring how.

What the killer is all about.

He seemed to have a troubled past.

Spending days in the house with a dead.

A dead body. Who it was sadder.

The dead body was his dads.

So, he went to the extreme.

To make sure that he’d be.

He’d be there for his daughter.

He was just going about it.

Going about it the wrong way.

It’s not for him to take.

To take the lives of others.

He wasn’t keeping families together.

But he gave his all for his.

He became best friends.

Best friends with daughter.

But it didn’t last forever.

The team ended the bond.

The little girl was forced to move on.

Episode 6

Criminals look like normal people.

Smiling each day.

But living their lives in disarray.

This case is a pure example.

Halloween’s about joy and laughter.

Laughter for the kids.

But sometimes, it’s hidden.

In this case, the FBI team.

Finds numerous killings.

All the killings were unique.

The killer was very unique.

Seeming to be a nice guy.

But he’s really a bad guy.

Hess a librarian.

Killing is his medication.

He is mentally ill.

Who sees it as a thrill.

He also brands his victims.

While the team struggles to figure.

Figure out the reason.

The reason behind it.

They find he is a Mormon.

& he does it for his religion.

He kills his co-worker.

The team goes a little further.

He’s a witch hunter.

He’s kidnapped a mom and daughter.

Looking to make them victims.

Before the team figures.

Figures it all out.

They move in and see he’s about.

About to make another sacrifice.

Sadly, they end up taking his life.

When it is nothing much to do.

Sometimes…. you just must do.

You must do what will save lives.

You can’t take chances on a criminal’s mind.

Episode 7

Criminals aren’t born criminals.

They are sweet individuals.

But are often hurt from their past.

& they want happiness again.

So, they find the best way.

Hurting people night and day.

Just so they can smile.

Doing things, the way they know how.

In this case, the suspect.

Finds beauty inside of a basement.

Coming out late in the night.

To kill, then hides in the daylight.

It seems that the killings.

It seems that they are trophies.

The FBI team profiles him.

They find out more about him.

He not only kills his victims.

But he also takes pictures.

It seems, he’s in a crisis.

In killing he finds happiness.

Stealing the victim’s ID’s.

With a desire to please.

To please the women in this world.

But his focus is on one girl.

He makes his own weapons.

The team sees his message.

But his spree continues.

He’s now invading the venues.

The venues of teens.

While the FBI team.

Sends authorities the message.

So, they know what they’re looking.

What they’re looking for.

He seems to kill for sport.

The team finds his reason.

The suspect is dreaming.

Dreaming of having a family again.

To replace the hurt of him losing.

Episode 8

Criminals battle demons.

Those demons are encouraging.

Encouraging them to do what they do.

Making them think their intentions are true.

They live in delusion.

They have no clue what they’re doing.

They are crying out for help.

Just using the tears of someone else.

Someone else in pain and agony.

The tears of someone’s family.

Seems to make them smile.

In this case, the team frowns.

Frowns, because the suspects.

Just maybe children.

Who seems to have suffered abuse.

& they are out there running lose.

The kid had a hard life.

The streets he feels gives him the life.

The life that he never had.

Losing his mom and losing his dad.

He was obviously hurt.

Just misdirected his hurt.

Killing, instead of helping.

The team started shifting.

They came to believe.

The killer’s somebody.

Roaming the streets with anger.

Putting innocent lives in danger.

Thinking taking one’s life.

Is the only way to make it right?

But, something isn’t right.

The truth comes to the light.

These are acts of a terrorist.

He’s corrupting the minds of children.

The team shifted their focus.

They know who’s behind this.

They hunt him down.

The frowns are now smiles.

Episode 9

Hurt makes people react.

Negatively, it makes them regret.

Regret their actions again and again.

Their fighting a spirit and can’t win.

They cannot understand it.

They feel better going along with it.

They feel more comfortable.

But deep down, they feel it toggle.

They feel it toggling at their souls.

They give it full control.

In this case, a family man.

Sees his past again.

When his son chooses to date.

A woman outside of his race.

That hurt that was deep inside him.

Was a hurt called racism.

Racism led to hate.

He was delighted to discriminate.

A white woman lied on him.

She was raped and said it was him.

So those of her own color.

Found him and made him suffer.

He tried hard to deny it.

It looked to be working.

The team took him in custody.

Then started questioning.

Interrogating his son.

Whom they find wasn’t the one.

The one they were looking for.

The father will offer them more.

They knew he’d admit it.

Despite its complication.

It’s sad what it came to.

Its sadder that his family knew.

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