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Crimes Against Love

I want to talk about my crime
Bring all the witnesses
I have an idea what they will say
I just don’t know how they feel
If you cry I’ll know I was real to you

I wonder if I can change my heart
Hold my old one for me for awhile
I’ll watch your face while it drains
Will you pour it into a cup to drink
Or is it too much to think of for you

There is going to be a day for me
I was kidding about changing my heart
The one I have is just starting to grow
You know the story, you wrote it for me
Maybe I needed it to see what I did to you

Why did it seem you were so exact
I could never get right with it all
I was so simple, you were beautiful
That is for me to say and always believe
I don’t have to remember to grieve over you

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