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Do Your Part

For each awakening day we see

We must be thankful for the blessings we receive

Many did not have the chance to see

Because they are buried six feet deep

Social distancing and mask wearing

Are the new way of life

A task for all to practice

In a changing world once so bright

Confusion plague our minds

And fear creep up our spines

The days of seeing the beautiful smile of a friend

Is masked with face coverings, can’t you tell?

Taken for granted are the good old days

When we basked in the sun and danced in the rain

Freely inhaling and exhaling God’s precious air

Sad to say time has changed

Let us do our part to protect others and ourselves

Let us trust and obey God

Wear a mask, sanitize our hands

And stay six feet apart

Not six feet under

But six apart

That the world may heal

And be normal once again

Confused and Scared






© 2020 blessedp

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