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Crescent Poetry

Russian Roulette

Romeo's words were honey coated,

With every word he breathed.

It was perfect for Juliet's sweet tooth,

Unfortunately, sugar rots your teeth.

Now their love is outlined,

As thin as a silhouette.

I guess dying is what they get,

For playing a game of Russian roulette.



Iridescent jewels,

Are forever shining.

If you're dull,

Here's a silver lining.

Those beautiful jewels,

That you are trying to mock.

You shouldn't bother,

When you're only a rock.



Fall down a deep rabbit hole,

Fall and then fly like a dove.

Even fall asleep,

But don't fall in love.



I traced my imperfections,

And tried to turn them into art.

There is many scars to go through,

But I figured it was a start.

To use myself as a canvas,

To hide all the warnings.

So I decided,

To turn bruises into drawings.



In his ribcages he hides his knifes,

Sharp enough to pierce skin.

Just to shut everyone out,

But she manages to let herself in.

Not caring if she gets pierced by his blades,

Just a single kiss to see each other in awe.

He pushes her out of the way,

But my gosh, it was worth bleeding for.


© 2020 Natalie Zappa