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Creator Savior

The spirit hovered above silent waters
Everything was ready for mankind
Loneliness was more than God could bear
Holiness was a baby and it was almost time

He didn’t wake up and walk all morning
Not to go to work or fight the pain
But he knew all these things were to come
He was the great bearer of sorrow and gain

Was there a space in his heart?
As far across as light travels a thousand years
But he was a jealous man, loving us too much
He would ask to take his gifts or drown in our tears

When the mountains rose he knew his throne
There was no thought, it was the forever moment
In a split second every race, every animal, every fish
Toying with his canvas, science was ours to invent

Was the parting of the sea and land our free will?
Was it his or for those of us who make our mistakes?
We hear so much wisdom from our friends
How do they know what to do for their own sakes?

We were young like the earth once was
Our minds are empty, our hearts are unbroken
Then we live life and our forests feel like fire
Still, he remembers all the words that were spoken

His son found his people, he looked as God made them
Bare dirty rough feet, hot and cold, enslaved
All their souls ran deep, so he looked for fishermen
He could have done it but it was their life to be saved

He had to be human, he had to feel the pain
How else could he be our intervener?
Empathy for our reality, love for our strength
But he had to walk on water for us to be a believer

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