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Creator, Creation And Creativity

Ganeswar is an author, poet, blogger, tech enthusiast, and travel addict.

O divine light

O eternal Almighty

O my creator

O creator of this universe

Why did you send me here

I am absolutely baffled

Stunned with your creativity

Speechless completely.

What a creation

I know my Lord

I know you are perfect

I am still in the state of confusion

Trying to figure out

The divinity of your creativity

I am totally amazed.


Your glorious creation

The islands, the rivers, the mountains, oceans

The sky and nature, this earth and this universe

In quest of knowing the divinity of your creativity

O my creator

You are absolutely eternal

You are absolutely perfect

Please show me the path

Please show light

Bless me with your shine

I am absolutely stunned

I am absolutely baffled

O my Lord

You are absolutely eternal

So is your creation.

© 2018 Ganeswar Sahoo

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