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Creative Writing & Musings // Wanderer and How Some Paths are Better Than Others

LINDA J. WOLFF lives in Washington. She's currently the editor for online journal Wolff Poetry and resource site for beginning writers.

The Wanderer's Path


Some Paths Just Take You and Continue to Take You

An ache, I cannot conceal. Thirty years of living, of walking the same path over and over again. I panic at the realization that I'm a wandering soul. In a nomadic land, lost.

The simplicity of the landscape has changed over time, encroached upon and conquered, and there is no return. How long do I wander a wanderer? How long can I remain breathless?

The Path of No Return


Some Paths Take You Away

It's there just right around the bend. I've walked for miles, and each curve is another bend. I look back to where I have come from, and the place to where I started is no longer in sight.

With each challenge and each struggle, I lost the sense of who I was. My inner child forgot her purpose; she got caught wandering down those winding paths that lead to nowhere.

Some Paths Lead to Answers


I Stand With Purpose

I am no longer a wanderer. I stand at the edge of my path, open and real, where the horizon becomes honesty, the conscience of every choice is my choice, where I can accept my pain, be honest in my mistakes, give each a voice in growth. And I become invincible, not lost.

And echo out over the mountaintops to those who might be in need of an arm reaching out in unison.

At this, I feel invincible, exposed and naked with mind, body, and soul...knowing I have found the beauty in my vulnerability!

© 2018 Linda J Wolff

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