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Creative Poems for the Soul

Creativity comes and goes. It is a feeling we all have at some point in our daily lives. It enables us to express ourselves in myriad of special ways. The first of course is art. It never really gets old. Art is beautiful and sometimes descriptive. We use art in many different ways. It shapes our world and the society we live in.

Today, I wanted to pen some poems about creativity and how hard it can be to accomplish. I hope my poems inspires you in some way shape or form. We all need creativity to get things done. Here is my ode to creativity.

If I Could Paint

If I could take a paintbrush

I would paint the sea

With the greatest amount of creativity

I would paint a orange and green ocean

The meadows and brooks in

the background

Laying happily like a turtle

that gloates

In between the slopes

The sand beneath its feet

in the bright and summer heat

The palpitating air

blowing across the earth

Like shattered glass


Creativity raises it head against

the horizon

The gusting wind at its neck

Leaving the paper frail

and battered

Like newborn babies

It cry is loudly heard.

Mother Nature

Mother nature where wonderful

things abound

In sheer beauty like the

essence of

gravity and sound


The headache that keeps on


Like a needle put to skin

Perplexed and skilled

This headache kills

any creative thought

The mind has spilled to