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Creative Evolution - Early poems for my friends


The Knocker

He knocked once, twice, three times, then four

But I thought it wasn't time for me to let him through the door.

He would have to pass some tests, and then he'd have to wait

For it wasn't time, I thought, for me to let him through the gate.

I roamed the place to find competition for the knocking

I found one very soon but something gave me a shocking

For when I listened to hear the knocking two in competition

I heard not a knocking two but a knocking one.

You see, knocker one had gone to knock another door

He told me that he had success and wanted me no more

But then I realized I wanted him to be mine

He was the one knocking first, now it was my time.

Very soon I recognized I wasn't going to get him back

The second knocker did his best to get me back on track

So, because the first knocker didn't really take the test

I decided that I had to settle for second best

It seemed the second knocker had seen my hesitation

And so he got up one day and made a harsh decision

Remember in the beginning I had two knockers

Well both of them left me now, one behind the other.

In Denial

We are just friends now and always will be

There will be no 'us' just a 'him' and a 'me'

Yes he's cute, and he's hot and smiles so beautifully

But still, a friend is all he is to me.

We understand each other, he knows a friend is all he is to me

Though we kiss, we hug and seem so togetherly

Sometimes it seems, we were always meant to be

But still, a friend is all he is to me.

"He's not just your friend", my friends keep telling me

"He means more to you than you care to see"

But still, I fought it, just like Bruce Lee

For we only wanted to be friends......or do we?

Matters of the Heart

I think I really like him, I guess I really do

Yet I'm the one who stopping both our dreams from coming through

We both want to be together, we want to be more than friends

But I think if we give in, very soon it will all end.

I told myself I couldn't do the girlfriend kind of thing

I would love him too much I'd probably treat him like a king

I fear, just like all the relationships that I have seen

He'll eventually dump me to the side and find another queen.

If this should happen I would probably die of humiliation

It would be announced I died from 'love suffocation'

This is not the type of person I want myself to be

So we will just be friends for now then I will wait and see.

This poet thinks this girl is going to get a broken heart

For and end will come to something that she thought did not start

You see, what she should have done was take her friend's advice

Then if love was like a cake, she could have herself a slice.

Wake Up Call

In my life, there are a series of different boys

My friends and I talk about all the joys

You see, what I've been doing is, trying to pretend

That each of these boys is just my friend

First of all, I dislike 'K'ites and 'C'lays

But I pass them on many a day

If you don't know this then you must be a fool

Because you must know my reference is meant to be a school

I tried to find a lot of things that could 'fix it'

Then I find who I thought was a perfect fit

It turns out he had a girl for a best friend

and with each other, a lot of time they spend

I left him once to teach him a lesson

I think, in disguise, this was actually a blessing

For what I did that very blessed day

Gave me more insight into his ways

It happened that he started to like a girl he never met

In defense, he threatened both my friends and me to death

But when he finally met her, he saw through her disguise

So he called me up immediately to apologize.

I didn't care about that cause I met another guy

Now I wish I didn't, and I will tell you why

I was just about to take this guy and play him for a fool

When i found out both their other girls attended my school

I found out about them cause they knew about me too

I called my friends up while contemplating what to do

But the other day, immediately as I walked through the gate

I was warned by one of them to set my priorities straight

Probably you are laughing but this is not a joke

It is good I am not eating, or else I'd probably choke

I got my older brother just to come and clear my name

these girls may hate me, let them know, I hate them just the same.

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