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Creating the Perfect Fantasy Companion

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Started the day with a little feeling of discontentment

Sense of normalcy washed away in the evening tides last night

Stuck with trying to find balance and order in a chaotic arena

Thunderdome has nothing on this environmental wasteland

Wondered what it would be like to have someone to snuggle with

Had it once for a fleeting 27 months; turned out to be a fraud

A lie wrapped in the guise of a Hollywood fairy tale

Thought that he was something of a grounded and humble sort

Wasn't driving a fancy car or anything, but still treated me nice

Or until reality set in and the time to commit gave them cold feet

Frightened them into heading for the hills and somewhere further away

Relocated into the social witness protection program in a strange way

Not on the run from the law or the mob; just from you and others like you

Ready to find someone eager for adventure and a clear cut future

An individual who actually thought of you as a priority worthy of respect

Without being an afterthought to overlook when too much occurs

Interestingly complex minus some of the unnecessary complications

Some baggage was necessary to be had; not too much though

Need some room in the airport for your own personal and internal luggage

Dark and muddled hair easy enough to run fingers through

Clean cut enough where it wasn't longer than your own

Loved to be with someone who liked to travel and laugh

Might sound silly, but a little humor and culture goes a long way

Last pairing started off strongly; failed to maintain the momentum

Settled into a complacency that fell apart due to weak foundation

One trusted too much and the other wasn't ever entirely honest

Just searching for a partnership that had some balance and respect

Not too much to ask for in the end; just a small step in the eyes of many

Frustrated that the opposite, and sometime the same, sex lack maturity

Some just not meant to confront their problems without some cover

When the going gets tough, the scared start running

Next suitor will willingly run into problems head on

Sure, they might be afraid; nothing gets solved by fleeing from the scene

Just makes the consequences a lot more severe

Ready for the next step to commence and wash the last fool

Completely out of my hair and my subconscious

Wasted too much time nursing the battle scars given by a coward.

Time to start a new adventure. Just need someone else to share it with.

Time to start a new adventure. Just need someone else to share it with.

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