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Creating a Partner Out of Gumption and Hope

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Ready to take a step back from being punched by reality

Dreaming about a likely unrealistic model template

Building up a human Ken doll that's anatomically correct

Flesh and blood realistic; full of substance not just style

Glad to find a reason to smile about anything pertaining to a man

Didn't really find much use for them in recent months

Thought I found a good one of my own for keeps

Turned out to be a complete house of cards that just blew over

Eager to put them in my past and never see them again

Stepping towards a future; even if it's in dream land

Strange to be picturing an ideal fantasy boyfriend at all

So soon after getting my heart broken by the last one

Still trying to wash them out of my hair so to speak

Just need a few hundred more rinses and I should be good

Keeping an active fantasy life going to raise optimism levels

Fed up with being down in the dumps over a wannabe joker

Who couldn't treat a plant with an ounce of respect

Ready to find a new gentleman who actually fit the bill

Someone who matched the resume that they were promoting

Not blowing smoke up any prospective date's backside

To get some private time with them and make things go further

Than they ever intended to do so by promoting false promises

Envisioned the next suitor with a hunk of wavy close cropped hair

Preferably on the darker side of the hair color spectrum

Brunettes seemed to have more substance than most

Have the deepest voracity and hidden depths

Could be a false assumption, but so far has been accurate

Attracted to a nice smile and kind eyes that lit up a room

A person who can do a careful balancing act emotionally

Between strength and vulnerability in front of me

Seeing a man cry showcased their softer side

Also, it let you know that they trust you enough

To let down their emotional walls to let you in

Someone willing to carry a conversation and had some common sense

No need to be a genius; just wanted some intelligence

Dancing a very slow waltz with a modern day Fred Astaire

Has the moves and the agility to carry you through anything

Strong and comforting arms to hold you whenever you're sad

Feeling at ease when he strokes your hair and rubs your back

Letting all the pain and sadness dissipate with each moment

His touch was that soothing that he didn't even need to say a word

Loved pinching his subtly muscular arm and staring into his piercing blue eyes

Could get lost in them as a means of adventure and a touch of security

Enjoyed a man who could make me laugh over the silliest things

Treated me with a modicum of respect; as an equal partner

Half a stake in this pairing that could lead to something more

Uttered the magic three words and meant them

Didn't run away with fright when life got to be too much

Maintained a steady job and had a secure line of income

Liked himself as a person and was honest with me

Meant what they said and managed to keep most of their promises

Apologized when he was wrong or ran late for a date

Made me a top priority and not an after thought

Thought of the future when sitting next to you

Satisfied with what he saw and wasn't terrified of exploring it

Created a potential life partner out of thin air

Time to make him a full person instead of just a figment of the imagination

Only time will tell how close it gets to coming true.

Ready. Set. Create!

Ready. Set. Create!

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