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A lover of words, and easily inspired by the beauty and serenity that nature provides.



You made me

'Twas our second meeting, perhaps?

I couldn't remember,

You stare at me expectantly

Your gaze penetrating

Are you hoping that I would remember

You in an instant?

Your wagging incessant

But you're still an alien for me

Yet how could you remember me instantly?

Yet, days for you don't matter

You still remember,

Yes, you do and it made me

Notice you

So I look back and fix my eyes

On you, you cute little thing

With those pure innocent eyes

I approach you, inch by inch

And try to touch you

Caress your head a little

Afraid that you would be scared

Or surprised, but no you held your ground

You stayed and let me rub your nose

and touch your mouth

I say to myself, what a good way

To raise such a loyal and loving dog

Creamy dear, I hope I could see you again

Such a wonderful friend.

PS. This dog remembered me even I did not notice him when I first visited my mother's place. This poem is solely dedicated to all loyal dogs in the world.

Creamy loves to stay beside my mother's flower garden

Creamy loves to stay beside my mother's flower garden

This is creamy's natural habitat

This is creamy's natural habitat

Are you a pet lover?

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