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The Wise Old Dream

The Wise Old Dream

Swinging from side to side, nestled up between this very old tree
The violent breeze calms me, as the moon glistens down on the sea.

The waves are crashing, the air is dense.
The tranquility I feel, just doesn't make sense.

It begins to rain, I begin to see.
The island is mine, my soul can be free.

So drift back, relax and enjoy the rest.
It wont be boring, I think you'll be blessed...

Paralyzed on the banks of Madagascar
You're vision is blurry, people look kind of far...

You hear a familiar voice, she tells you to breathe.
"This may hurt, so trust and believe!"

I'v gotta throw you off the bank and into my boat
and as long as you're silent, the boat stays afloat.

Then all of a sudden, your sealed in tight.
A glass dome over you, to protect you at night.

Slowly you travel down a dark windy river.
Frost forms on the glass, your body starts to shiver.

You make too much noise and the boat begins to sink.
"Whats going on? I wish I could think!"

The murky water obscures all vision.
Sinking alone, do you make a decision?

With a small thud and a little crank,
the lid pops off, you see an oxygen tank.

Quickly gearing up, your ready to leave.
"Where is my God? How long will I breathe?"

The moons beam of light penetrates far below
and brightens a passage with a strong undertow.

You approach the opening, what do you choose?
"Hurry up now or run out of clues..."

"Fuck it then", you say on a whim.

there's no turning back, its far too grim.

Close your eyes and the flow will increase.
Gradually fade, be consumed in this peace.

Expelled from your body and warped far into space,
life is a journey and not just a race.

© 2019 Adam Mason

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