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Crawling Skin Foolishness

I am free but I cannot stop my thoughts
I think as a pan soul without form
Then I think of myself and my skin crawls
Carrying the inhumanity I wish were never born

Looking at the shadows of my veins
Should I ever lie down next to them
Like inside a quiet forest before a storm
Before they burst, I ready for pain again

Everything is yesterday in an instant
Walking alone strengthens a heart that grieves
Your roots continue to breathe as before
Your troubles will soon fall like leaves

To think of parting waters
Is to release all your fears to God
Is it so that a miracle is what you need
He gave you a promise, faith gave him a nod

To those who would take a chance
Then work until their veins burst
Be clever, but what about being kind?
What is it that quenches ambitions thirst?

Is it so that my destiny has become yours
Hardly can we deviate from our own desires
To suppress them, we can only bend so far
But beauty makes a man a mad foolish sire