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Craving You

Craving the affection, attention, love of your lover. Missing their company.

Oh how I crave you
Want you
Need you
Just to have you by my side
Thoughts of you glide through my head
Oh how I crave you
Daydreaming of you
Holding me
Kissing me
Touching me
Oh how I crave you
Like you were my favorite food
Have me in a great mood
Like my favorite icecream
Forgetting it's just a dream
Oh how I crave you

© 2019 Chelsea Charlotten


Chelsea Charlotten (author) on October 22, 2019:

yes the worse addiction yet. Thanks!!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 22, 2019:

Sometimes we become addicted to a person so much it hurts.

The wanting and desire each day...reminding us of memories we shared.

Good write.

Chelsea Charlotten (author) on October 20, 2019:

Thanks so much

Tia Miller from Arkansas on October 20, 2019:

This is a wonderful poem. I love reading poetry about love and I like how you compared them to your favorite ice cream!

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